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Deciduous Forests Biome

Important Definitions

Important Definitions
Climate Conditions
Interesting Facts!
Food Chain
Food Web
Biotic Factors
Abiotic Factors
Environmental Threats

Before learning about Deciduous Forests, it is important to know some words that are related to this environment

  • Ecosystem: Community of plants, animals, and microorganisms that are linked by energy and that interact with each other and with the physical environment. For example, rain forests.
  • Habitat: The specific area or environment in which a particular type of plant or animal lives. It must provide all the basic requirements for survival, such as food, water, shelter, and living space.
  • Biome: Major division of the ecological communities on Earth characterized by the plant and animal life of that region.
  • Biosphere: Part of the Earth system in which life can exist, between the geosphere and the atmosphere.
  • Abiotic Factors: The non-living components of the environment, such as air, rocks, soil, water, peat, and plant litter.
  • Biotic Factors: The living organisms that impact the growth, composition, and structure of the environment, such as animals and plants.
  • Food Chain: The relationship between plants and animals that shows who eats what. Energy is transferred from one organism to another through the food chain.
  • Food Web:  Many interconnected food chains and feeding interactions.