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Deciduous Forests Biome

Interesting Facts

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Interesting Facts!
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Check out these facts about Deciduous Forests!

  1. The word deciduous means to change color in autumn, fall in the winter, and grow again in the spring, which is exactly what the plants in this biome do.
  2. In the spring, March through May, The trees and deciduous plants grow new leaves to capture the energy from the sun.
  3. In the early spring plants on the floor of the forest use the sun's energy to produce flowers for reproduction.
  4. In the winter time, December through February, snow covers the ground.
  5. All the deciduous trees and plants loose their leaves and go into a dormant state during the winter.
  6. There are 4 changing climate seasons; winter, spring, summer, and autumn, being this biome one of the only biomes that have these 4 seasons, each with different characteristics.
  7. Animals living within this biome must adjust to cold winters and hot summers by hibernating, migrating, or keeping active all winter.
  8. If trees kept leaves during the winter, the water in the leaves would freeze into ice, damaging the leaves and leaving the plant vulnerable to bacteria or fungi.
  9. During the winter, plants create a sugar solution so that water does not freeze in the stem, helping the plant survive through the winter.
  10. When winter is over, meaning that spring is on, leaves begin to feel the warm climate and begin to go through photosynthesis. By photosynthesis, plants get their energy for almost the rest of the year.